The TORQUE Tribe
Summer Fatzinger

Owner / Instructor

AAAI Spin Certified / Barre Certified / TRX Certified


Summer is a ball of energy from the moment she wakes up.  Her zest for life, and gratitude for every moment of every day, is what draws people to her contagious spirit.  She is a former gymnast, a seasoned athlete, and a certified instructor who puts all that she has into every move, every playlist, and every class.  Her classes are fueled by upbeat music, heavy beats, inspirational words, and motivational speeches.  Whether she has you tucking at the barre, sprinting on the bike, planking in TRX, or running your heart out in Tread & Tone, you'll be transformed both physically and mentally. Don't let those little legs fool you...They have speed and power!  When Summer is not at the studio, you can find her spending time with her two little cuties, Avery & Parker, her girlfriend Kim & daughter Addie, & her friends & family!!


Julie Acree
Barre / TRX Certified
Julie's positive energy radiates in the barre room! She knows and understands the importance of creating that positive mind and body connection as you hone in on each muscle group to achieve a strong & balanced body. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, she will motivate you, challenge you, and inspire you to break through the walls of your comfort zone to become the best possible version of yourself.  Julie's playlists are the perfect pairing to your pliés & pulses with a fun & energetic mix of new hits and old favorites. In her class you will be encouraged to embrace the shake, the sweat, and the burn; and to do it all with a smile!!  Guaranteed you will leave her class feeling strong, confident, and smiling - every time!! 
Kate Brewer

Instructor / Director of Tribe Communications

AAAI Spin Certified / Barre Certified / TRX Certified


Kate brings her down to earth spirit to TORQUE.  Her passion for music, fitness and helping others translates into high energy and motivational classes. Kate’s style is athletic but graceful, focused but fun, and challenging but inspiring. You will leave her class sweaty and smiling, feeling accomplished and ready to take on the day. You’ll find her playlists mixed with the latest hits, hip-hop, rap, EDM and plenty of old school remixes.  Outside of the studio, Kate is a full time consultant for a recruiting firm, mom to her crazy vizsla (Turk), and wife to her high-school sweetheart.


Jessica Colon
AAAI Spin Certified
It was definitely love at first ride for Jessica. The intense cardio challenge mixed with rhythmic movements, contagious group energy, and house party-like music was a combination that she could not resist. A dancer for 12 years and a Division III Field Hockey National Champion, Jessica thrives off a team oriented atmosphere. Often described as a quiet leader, Jessica will motivate you during your ride with her focused actions, determined spirit, and high-intensity music. She will drive you to the edge and help you strive for more. Outside of the studio, Jessica works full-time in the financial industry, dog mom to Mowgli, and can often be found at an EDM concert with her husband, JC. 
Michelle Custred
AAAI Spin Certified
Michelle totally gets it - full time job, mom, pet parent, and wife - life is always so busy and can be super tough. However, Michelle believes you can’t take care of others in your life without taking care of yourself first!  Michelle also believes that the best medicine for taking care of yourself is to smile, laugh a little, & SPIN it all out!  In Michelle’s class, her high energy, positive attitude, and constant motivation, will cheer you on through the entire class!  Don’t let her effortless style of riding fool you - her classes are intense and they will take you the farthest you can go without giving up on yourself.  Whether you grab a bike during one of her infamous theme rides, or while she is mixing up new and classic beats, you are bound to go back for more!  Michelle's message is clear - we leave our day at the door, we ride together as a team, and we motivate each other to push harder and faster.  Join her in class, and you are will have a super awesome, fun, and challenging ride!


AAAI Spin Certified 

Meghan believes that the further you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the better off you will be in life. As a former athlete she understands the need for a high intensity workout that challenges you both mentally and physically. She is a firm believer that making time for yourself is important and absolutely necessary! Her classes will be filled with fun, fast beats that will surely make you sweat, dance and recharge.  When not spending time at the studio, Meghan, alongside her husband Rich, enjoy spending quality time with their three kids, Jack, Ava, and Leo.

Meghan Dimaio
Melissa Kirk


AAAI Spin Certified / Barre Certified / UDA All Star Award Winner 

"Though she be little, she is fierce…”  Melissa is committed to living her life with love, with passion, and guided by the fire inside that makes her feel alive!  Whether on the bike or at the barre, her overarching goal is to ignite physical, mental, and emotional growth in each person who shares in her class experience.  Together, you will discover and believe in the beautiful power & strength already living inside of you.  Melissa soul is fueled by music and the energy it creates, so you can always count on a playlist that will take you on a journey through EDM highs, spunky hits & remixes, and heavy beat challenges.  Her effervescent personality will motivate you to push beyond your perceived physical & mental limits in an environment that is both incredibly challenging and also so. much. fun.  


Melissa has practiced spin since 2002, began her dance background as a toddler, and has been teaching fitness classes for over 6 years. When she’s not at Torque, you can find her sharing life & love with her sweetie sons Johnny & Brady, her fiancé Steve and kiddos Addie & Chase, and her friends & family! 

Aly Horning


AAAI Spin Certified

Aly’s drive for new adventures led her right into the spin room. From the moment she walked into her first class, she was hooked. With her inspirational attitude she decided to set a goal for herself. That goal was to become a spin instructor. Aly’s love for TORQUE pushed her to achieve this goal. Her combination of high energy, positivity, awesome beats, and of course that infectious smile will leave you coming back for more. Her positive outlook on life will have you feeling inspired. Her passion for motivating others will push you to the best of your ability. She’ll ride with you as she watches you grow and become stronger. She’ll help you get lost in the rhythm of the music as you leave all of your stresses at the door. 


Outside of the spin room, Aly received her B.S. in Nutrition at Drexel University. Due to Aly’s desire to live a healthy lifestyle, before she was accepted to Drexel, she received her Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science. Now, she is attending Rutgers University School of Health Professions where she will complete her dietetic internship and Masters Degree. Her biggest goal in life is to make a difference in the world. To have an impact on someone’s life that needs it, and she does that during every spin class! 

Kristin Posner


Mad Dog Spin Certified / Barre Certified / TRX Certified 


Kristin has been teaching group exercise for 20 years, and loves teaching because she is able to share with others the tools and teachings that she has found so transformational in her own life. Transformation to Kristin is so much more than a physical journey; it's a soul searching, spiritual, personal growth, transform every cell in your body kind of journey. With every class/format is a new journey, and with that journey she will bring you 100% dedication, passion, fun, great music, positivity, and a new challenge. Kristin's goal is to make you feel motivated, confident, proud, strong, and beautiful inside and out when you are in the studio, and more importantly in your personal life! 

Alicia Russella

Instructor / Director of G.S.D. (Get Shit Done!)

Barre Certified / TRX Certified / AAAI Spin Certified

Alicia’s love of barre began as a dancer in elementary school and continued throughout college. After trying a variety of workout options post-graduation, she found her happy place the moment she entered the barre room. Her passion for fitness combined with her bubbly personality makes for challenging, upbeat, and energetic classes. She loves mixing small isolations with big ballet-inspired movements to create the perfect combination of cardio and toning. A firm believer that working out shouldn’t be something you have to do, it should be something you want to do, Alicia will push you to be the best you can be while having fun at the same time. When she’s not sweating it out at the studio, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Joe, and her crazy cat, Sandwich. 

Molly Corrigan
Barre Certified / AAAI Spin Certified
From the very first moment Molly entered the studio; she instantly discovered her passion for barre and spin. Molly quickly learned that barre was a fantastic, low-impact (but totally butt kicking) workout and she found her time in the spin room to be therapeutic – a place to just let herself go. Since she began spinning and pulsing at the barre, she’s seen a huge change in herself both mentally and physically. Now, she wants wants to pass along her passion and all that it entails to anyone and everyone. Come ready to push yourself to the limit, shake and sweat, and of course, jam out to 💥 beats!  
Brooke Whitten
AAAI Spin Certified / TRX Certified
Don't let Brooke's infectious smile fool you! She will build the internal heat quickly that stays with you throughout class.  A martial artist and black belt trained in tae kwon do, Brooke draws out the warrior spirit in all of her members. She will celebrate your fitness successes and create new ways to challenge your strength, stamina and flexibility. Her indomitable spirit and years of experience as an instructor keep members coming back to classes that are fun, focused, and challenging. Overcoming knee reconstruction that was first seen as a setback has led her to fully embrace her mantra ‘do you’; and then her warrior spirit will ask you to do one more.

Jill Hopkins


AAAI Spin Certified

Get ready to feel all the feels with this babe.  Jill has ‘Torqued’ from day 1, an OG & Torques’ biggest cheerleader in every sense.  Rider turned instructor, Torque has only helped to grow her passion for a great workout, breaking a killer sweat, living a balanced life & feeling good.  Jill’s petite stature is deceiving, so don’t judge a book by its cover…her class packs quite the punch.  It is challenging, to say the least, but her unbounded energy, positivity, and passion will have you feeling like you can do anything!  


When she’s not tapping it back, she’s a busy momma to 3 amazing children.  But, mommin’ ain’t easy & Jill quickly realized that Torque was not just her go to place for a kickass workout but her ‘happy place’.  Spinning become her much needed ME time.  Because of this, she hopes to inspire other mothers to take the time and do something for themselves. She strives to create a space where people feel accepted and connected to each other as well as themselves. So, show up, bring your happy, bring your sad, your good days and bad days.  Walk in that dark room, clip in, disconnect, and let the adrenaline from the music and the movement take you to your happy place.  Jill’s goal: allow riders to feel free to let loose, dance on the bike, have fun, and walk out of that room feeling proud & really freaking good! #SOOOOGOOD.

Jen Raneri


Barre Certified / TRX Certified

Jen was initially drawn to barre and trx as a way to physically challenge herself although she soon discovered that there was much more to it than a good sweat. She found the mat and straps to be a healthy emotional outlet, and she began to see the connection between what she was experiencing inside and outside the studio walls. 

The personal connections, music and movement fed her soul and propelled her journey into instructing. Jen is the perfect balance between energetic encouragement and calm, strong power. She has a vivid focus on form and activating the mind-body connection ensuring you will get the most out of your pulses, plies and planks. Jen’s will take you on a journey that will leave you smiling and often unaware of just how much work you actually put in!

While she loves teaching barre and TRX, you can also find her cheering and flipping her ponytail in the spin room, working as an audiologist in a local private practice or spending time with her husband Frank and twin daughters, Harper & Nora.

Miranda Brewer


AAAI Certified

Krystal Press


AAAI Certified

Shannon Levering


AAAI Certified

Shannon’s motto is Peace, Love and Happiness. Her bubbly personality and energetic vibes will carry you through 45 minutes of amazing beats, combos and sprints that will challenge your inner badass self and take you to the next level. Her love and gratefulness for each new day shows through her motivational words and energy that she brings to the spin room. Shannon quickly fell in love with spin and instantly knew she wanted to inspire people the same way the studio and the instructors inspired her. She is a firm believer in do what sets your soul on fire, and she has definitely found her passion. 

Outside of the studio Shannon is a mom to three boys ranging from teen to toddler and wife to her high school sweetheart. Make sure to check out her classes as there is no doubt you will not only leave feeling accomplished but with a whole new positive outlook. 

Emily Breitman


AAAI Certified

Don’t let her age fool you, Emily will have you leaving that spin room feeling accomplished & recharged! Emily’s passion for TORQUE began during her junior year of high school and has been inspired by all of the fabulous instructors and Tribe to deliver you a workout like no other! Being a cheerleader throughout all four years of her high school years, those 8 count beats are embedded into her mind, counting down every beat drop.

The volume up, the lights low- you can bring out your inner diva while sweating it out to killer throwbacks and the latest hits! As a full time college student, she knows how much even just one ride can be the best self-care and stress relief out there. She will make sure that you push yourself to your limits, let your worries go, and build the best relationship with yourself all while having a kickass time while doing so! 


When Emily’s not at the studio, you can find her on Temple University’s campus where she is majoring in Early Childhood Education to ensure the best future for our Teeny TORQUE Tribe! 




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