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During this class, you will be immersed in a gathering of sounds, connection, community and relaxation in a safe sacred space. During this deeply meditative Sound Bowl Healing session you will be “bathed” in restorative soundwaves produced by Crystal Singing Bowls as well as other instruments, bringing you to a state of relaxation and a sense of calm as well as rejuvenating and healing your body on a cellular level. These healing instruments create frequencies and vibrations that produce beneficial changes in the body by harmonizing the cells and balancing the chakras and the body's energy system. Sound has a great influence on our emotions and health and taking a SoundBath is deeply relaxing and can be a perfect escape from the modern stresses of life.


Please bring a blanket & pillow so you are more than comfortable to absorb the healing. Mats and eye masks will be provided for you.


Please note - Sound Baths are not advisable to attend if you are pregnant, fitted with a pace-maker, have epilepsy or become triggered by sounds.

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