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At TORQUE, we are committed to providing you with classes where you will sweat like never before and burn an insane amount of calories. However, at TORQUE, we believe that exercising should be more than just a physical workout. TORQUE is THAT place, where physical  meets mental, and together they create a euphoric experience.  We do this by letting go of what is out of our control and taking charge of what is. If you are looking for a place to improve your overall well-being, and give you the strength to take on whatever life hands you, TORQUE is the place for you.  


At TORQUE, you will sweat, you will dance, and you will leave feeling recharged, with a huge smile on your face


TORQUE spin, barre, and TRX is a community movement!
A community MOVEMENT


At TORQUE, we want our vibe to extend beyond the studio and into our commmunity.  We believe many of us have friends and family who are going through trying times and could benefit from the TORQUE experience.  In an effort to share the positive impact that TORQUE has on peoples' lives, we have created the TORQUE Movement, symbolized by the TORQUE medallion. 


Those who are chosen to receive this medallion will take possession for 2 weeks.  During this time, they will be entitled to unlimited classes.  At the end of the 2 weeks, they will then choose the next recipient of the medallion.  The medallion, and all the positive benefits of TORQUE classes, will be passed on; providing an uplifting environment to recharge their spirit.  We hope this movement will have a major impact on our community through the giving and sharing of this medallion.  Help us build up one another and create a strong, confident, and supportive community.

We sweat. We dance. We recharge.  

It's a movement. Be a part of it. 


*For information about how to activate your TORQUE medallion, email us at

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